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Things to do in Sacramento » My Favorite Restaurant Near Sacramento

My Favorite Restaurant Near Sacramento

Redbud Cafe

3275 Coach Lane Suite A, Cameron Park



It’s a new dining experience for a life less ordinary. The Redbud Cafe recently opened its doors in Cameron Park, and the food is exactly what you would expect from an upscale restaurant at San Francisco’s finest.


For our dinner engagement, my family and I were welcomed with first class style. General Manager and Owner Deanna Glasier has surrounded herself with efficient servers and the most talented of chefs.


Redbud Cafe offers quite an intriguing selection that you simply cannot find anywhere else in the foothills, and the prices are reasonable. They offer a full selection of foothill wines to accompany each course.


With as many enticing options to satisfy our palettes, the appetizer list was especially hard to resist, so we ordered the Hanoi crispy crab spring rolls with chili lime dipping sauce among a fresh herb salad. It was a delightful blend of ingredients and quite succulent in taste.


With six different salads on their menu, we chose the Blue Cherry. It consists of baby lettuces, candied pecans, gorgonzola and marinated cherries in a tangy, balsamic vinaigrette.

Our taste buds were alive and kicking by the time we were elegantly served our main courses.


Some may believe risotto to be boring, but not the way Redbud Cafe prepares it. Enmeshed with butternut squash, roasted cherry tomatoes, basil and crispy pancetta, it was almost a shame when we finished enjoying the course. Another entree we found quite pleasurable was

The Ziti. It’s almost like a glorified macaroni and cheese, perfect for adults and children alike. It was topped with blue cheese and immersed in gorgonzola cream sauce along with smoked chicken apple sausage and granny smith apples certainly not what you would expect from a pasta dish. The King Salmon was the best we have ever tasted. It didn’t taste at all fishy. It was grilled and then glazed in their wood oven and served on soba noodles and julienne vegetables.  The presentation for all of these dishes was a wonderful sight.


But that’s not all. Desserts! The white chocolate cry me brulee was amazing. The light custard was topped with a crispy sugar coating and was unbelievably delicious.  Their fudge brownie sundae was prepared with the finest of chocolates and sandwiched with vanilla ice cream. The banana cheesecake with glazed bananas was a cheesecake aficionado’s delight.


For a special, memorable evening out, do consider the Redbud Cafe. Reservations are recommended.

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