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Vegetarian Restaurants in Sacramento

I love food. I’m one of those people who wake up and plan the day’s meals before even getting out of bed. And the only reason I get out of bed is so I can eat them. A true foodie am I.

Being vegetarian usually implies limitations. But I never feel limited in Sacramento. I can go to just about any restaurant here and find at least one menu item that is either vegetarian or can be made vegetarian. Lucky for me, though, there are several excellent restaurants that already have vegetarian items on their menu so I rarely have to harass waitstaff (although, I have to add that the waitstaff in Sacramento are quite knowledgeable about vegetarian/vegan food- they know what you’re talking about).

Here is a list of my 7 favorite restaurants that serve vegetarian food (in no particular order)(except Queen Sheba is my #1 fave restaurant):

1. Queen Sheba- Ethiopian- Veggie Combo kicks butt! Spicy goodness.

2.  Andy Nguyen- Vietnamese- All vegan, healthy, and scrumptious!

3. Taste of Thai- Um, Thai- Wonderful curries!

4. Chipotle- Mexican- I looooove their hot hot sauce! Tastiest burritos.

5. Hitome- Japanese- Veggie Roll is a MUST.

6. New China- Chinese- Spicy eggplant, Broccoli “Beef”- YUM.

7. Amarin- Thai- Tasty curries, brown rice, excellent eggplant!

I have brought my entire meat-eating family to all of these restaurants and the lack of meat not only went unnoticed, but left nothing to be desired. In other words- rave reviews. In addition, these 7 restaurants all serve excellent vegan food.

Sacramento is surprisingly veggie-friendly for a smallish city stuck in the middle of the state. And it’s come a long way in the 5 years I’ve lived here, which is probably due in part to its close proximity to San Francisco and Bay Area transplants looking for more affordable housing. New stores, lofts, restaurants, spas and fitness studios are coming in every day, but Sacramento has somehow maintained its small-town feel. It’s diverse, offers much to do, much to see and most importantly- much to eat.