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Best New Restaurant for Singles

Los Sacramento…the new LA
Mason’s, located at 1116 15th Street, is one of the newer additions to Sacramento’s dining/club options.  I recently went there with a friend for dinner and was really surprised by how unique the atmosphere was in the restaurant.
You feel a bit as if you just walked into some chi chi club in LA.  The staff is polite, but you don’t get the feeling of sincere welcome.  The tables are close together which could either diminish your ability to have a truly intimate conversation or allow you to make new friends with the people at the next table.  If you are planning on going for a romantic evening, you might want to request a more privately situated table when you make your reservation…and yes, reservations would definitely be a good idea.
Per the food and service, I wasn’t impressed.  Of course, I’m a foody and a bit on the critical side.  My friend and I started with a martini while we perused the menu.  Our server was reserved but not unpleasant; frankly I don’t want to get into any lengthy conversations with my server, so this was not viewed in any negative way.  We decided to order a crab and beat salad that we would split, and for the main dish, my friend ordered the Ahi, while I had the beef shanks with gorgonzola raviolis. 
The salad was not split for us, but served on one plate; probably because it would destroy it’s presentation to have done so.  Quite frankly the presentation was the only good thing about this salad.  The combination of flavors just didn’t work.  The chef created a dish for the eyes and not the palate.  Both of our main courses were quite tasty, allowing us to forgive that first course; however, our server was either spread too thin with more tables than she could handle, or she wasn’t the sharpest knife on the table.  We had each ordered a glass of wine to go with our meal.  As I noticed I was almost finished with the meal and no wine had appeared, I decided to go ask our server if she could maybe bring us the wine before we completely finished our dinners.  I actually had to walk across the room in order to get her attention…not good.
Over all, I would recommend trying this restaurant just because of the atmosphere and layout.  The bathroom alone is worth it.  I won’t give that one away if you’ve yet to experience it; let’s just say it’s very different - at least, I thought it was a hoot.  The patio area is another very unSacramento feature.  Imagine large canopied beds you can rent for the evening and then securely curtain for privacy.  Who would have ‘thunk’ to offer these passion pits of pleasure in so public a venue? 
This is certainly not the place for mom and dad to bring the kids, or even a place for some kids to bring their parents, but if you’re hip and trendy and single, I would definitely recommend you try this restaurant/club out.  It may be pricey, the service may be ‘just okay’, and the food decent, but the uniqueness of it is worth it all.